As dawn rises on a new day 

Are you prepared to meet today's organizational challenges? 


Here organizational leaders, managers and workers can get the support they need to understand, build, reinforce and/or revitalize the culture of your organization.


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To effectively and successfully engage socio-cultural systems to meet their changing organizational needs.



  • Appreciation for the balance between organizational harmony and the conflict or tension necessary to sustain creativity, innovation and growth. 
  • Treasures organizations that are truly focused on humanity and the future sustainability of our planet.
  • Respect for organizational leaders that are personally committed to, and take ownership of, their own management change processes.

The vestige of the industrial revolution is awash in successive waves of globalization and digital innovation.  The effect is that organizational structures are flattening and information silos are crumbling like sandcastles on the beach. In their place, new organizational structures are emerging, experimenting, mutating, and evolving into dynamic multidisciplinary teams that are adroit and prepared to meet the challenges of a new dawn.

No organization can sustain its mission today without adopting to the changing business environment at some level. In the turmoil of these changes, how does a leadership team determine which traditions and beliefs to hang on to and which need to be adopted for the current and future of the organization?

I will support your organization in these times of amazing opportunities, upheaval and change while also integrating and celebrating the core of your organizations values.

Rodney Slaughter, Organizational Culture Consultant

To provide engaged organizational leaders, managers and employees the support they need to understand, build, reinforce and/or revitalize the culture of their organization. Rodney Slaughter supports public, private, and nonprofit organizations in the development of healthy and ever evolving organizational culture by offering internal marketing and communication, legacy documentation, meeting facilitation and training to successfully support your organization's strategic objective, vision, mission, values and goals.