"If you have 100 people who live together, and if each one cares for the rest, there is one mind."

Shinning Arrows, Crow (1972)


Environmental Indicators - the presence of dragonflies are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.

  • Is your organizational environment healthy?  Data collected from your organization's environment, both internally and externally, will provide an indicator of overall organizational health. This data can be used to make informed decisions on the organization's strategic direction. Dragonfly-Culture can collect and provide you with the data you need to maintain a sustainable organizational culture.

Voracious - dragonflies consume up to 250 flying insects a day!

  • Mergers and acquisitions, to eat or be eaten, is a reality that organizations face every day. The impact that merged and blended organizations have on over-all organizational culture can be dismal. With so many acquisitions and mergers failing, closer attention is being paid to the match-up that organizational traditions, beliefs, and heritage play in the success of the newly blended culture. Dragonfly-Culture can support the collection of cultural data that would reduce your risk inherent in transactions involving mergers and acquisitions.

Expertise - dragonflies can fly in any direction; they are experts at what they do and they do it relentlessly.

  • Your organization was built on your ability to develop and deliver a service and/or product.  An organizational culture was developed, consciously or not, around this expertise.  As your organization grows it is essential to revisit and perhaps revise your strategic direction. Dragonfly-Culture can support the development or realignment of your strategic plan, vision, mission, and organizational values.

Communication - some Native American tribes believe that dragonflies can carry their thoughts to other people far away.

  • When employees get a chance to provide feedback,€” lack of communication typically tops the list of complaints about their organization. Breaking down organizational silos and opening up channels of communication has been shown to dramatically improve organizational health and vitality. Dragonfly-Culture can support the communication of the organizational vision, mission and values. 

Longevity - fossil records show that dragonflies have been around for 300 million years.

  • How is the legacy of your organization being preserved?  An historic record of your organization will provide a baseline from which all future decisions and successes can be measured. Dragonfly-Culture can support the collection of historic data with a review of literature and interviews of founding members and key organizational leaders.